How to choose a domain name for your business?

How to choose a domain name for your business

Choosing a domain name for your business can be easy as it can be a real test.

This step should not be neglected. Indeed, the domain name will be the first impression that the visitor of your site will have of your business. It is therefore necessary not to use the first that comes to your mind, but to think about it. For this are some tips to help you in your choice.

Make the domain name unique

To stand out in a market so populated, the use of a unique name is not to be overlooked.
Twenty years ago, fewer than 5,000 websites existed, so the domain names were fairly naturally distributed among these different companies according to their preferred domain. Today, you need a little extra to stand out from the crowd, a little touch of creativity around your name, no matter how serious the subject of our website.

Choose the .com extension

The .com extension is not the only one in the web world. However, 52% of websites use the latter, which leads some people to think that all websites adopt this extension. In addition, some browser search bars automatically add .com to queries.
Most other extensions exist for a particular reason. If your business applies to a certain country, you can use the country-specific extension, for example .fr in France, or .us for the United States. Or if you run a non-profit organization, using the .org will give you extra credibility.
Extensions other than .com are often chosen to show some intelligence. For example, following the waves of popularity, in recent years, we can find many sites using the extension .ma which corresponds to Morocco.

But these are exceptions to the rule. .com is always preferred, so use it as soon as you can.

Use a simple name to type

We do not underestimate the laziness of the human being. If you want to order something as innocuous as shoes and you have the choice between typing www.ventechaussures.com or www.soutureshoes.com, you will necessarily choose the easiest for the fingers and the eyes.
So you need to choose a domain name that will be easily recognizable, that users can remember easily and that it can be typed and shared orally in the easiest way possible.
Strong names are more profitable at the marketing level. The catchy and catchy names remain in the lead. It’s a good idea to handle both. It is important to avoid names with two even consecutive letters, as well as those that could be frequently written with spelling mistakes.

Of course, search engines can correct users’ keystrokes, but it can also lead them in a different direction and not guide them to your site, which will cause you to lose traffic. You have probably already misspelled a domain name and find yourself on a site on which you really would not want to fall.
That’s why it’s important that your domain name is understandable and spelling easily.

Enjoy letters Whenever possible, try to keep using the 26 letters of the alphabet. Domain names that contain numbers or dashes are much harder to communicate orally. Moreover, they seem less serious and are less easily memorized.

Make your domain name the image of your brand

Your domain name is your brand, it is an integral part of it. That’s why it’s important that your domain name be on the same wavelength as the image you want to give with your brand.

Check availability on social networks

If you plan to launch your website, there is a good chance you want to promote it via social networks. It would be a shame if you bought a domain name to realize that it is already used on social networks.
Before acquiring a domain name, make sure it is also available on the various social networks that you intend to use. The knowem site is very useful for checking this.

Attention to the infringement of the trademarks

Just because a domain name is free, that does not mean that it is not deposited. You can check the availability of the name on the INPI website. The owner of a trademark may harm you if he can prove that:

Your domain name is the same or very similar to its registered trademark name.
You do not have the legitimate rights for this domain name.
You have filed and used this domain name in bad faith.

How to choose a domain name for your business

A domain name alone can not make a website, but it can certainly destroy one.
A quick summary of things to do in priority when you choose a domain name:

Make your domain name easy to remember, tapable and dictatable
Use the .com when you can
Avoid using numbers, dashes, or other
Be your brand!
Do not give excuses to people to forget or avoid your website, give them an excuse to visit it.

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